Best experience, best quality, best price. Recommend without reservations! Really happy with the results, even on an older beat up siding, day and night difference.


We just used Sasquatch Painting to repaint the bulk of the interior of our house. Previously we had them paint the exterior and were totally satisfied with the job they did. This time they did not disappoint. You couldn't ask for a better team to paint your house. From the estimate to the finish it was great. Thanks much Dale and crew for your hard work.

Tom Schuder

Sasquatch is the best painting company we have ever used. They painted the entire inside of our 3,500 sq ft home and did a great job including spraying all of the moldings and ceilings. The two things that were note worthy (1) their attention to detail and quality orientation was superb. The number of examples are numerous (2) every day they cleaned up and "turned our house back over to us." This required extra work on their part but since we continued to live in the house during the 3-week process, it was really appreciated.

Ron Sperling

Josh and his crew are the best painters I have ever seen and I am in the remodel business. I chose them to paint my 100-year-old home after watching them paint another home down the street. You would think they are painting the White House ... they are that good! It does not get harder than my home, four and half stories, on a steep sloop, with gardens all around and a wife who changed her mind about one of the main colors halfway through. Josh is easy to work with, has helpful opinions, stays on schedule, and does what he says he will do. You pay when they are done and you are satisfied, or should I say delighted. They even fixed some four-story windows for free so I would not have to call another contractor and risk having their beautiful paint job hacked with. A fair price, excellent work, professional workers and a great business attitude ... I definitely recommend Sasquatch Painting and will use them again.

Rick A